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Universal Bakery Australia has been operating in Melbourne and surrounding area for nearly 20 years and nationally for 3 years recently ventured into exporting frozen full baked products.

Although Melbourne hit hard by the withdrawal and potential closure of several large manufactures, the bread and associated products spend is still growing. Currently Universal Bakery Australia provides product and services to the majority of the Education, Health, and food service industry so the impact of manufacturing downturn will not have an impact at all on our business.

Our initiative project side of our business is attracting increasing interest from our client with new products developed continually and with a local knowledge and requirements of all of our clients a solid relationship has been a definite advantage.

We have recently won several large health care accounts. Universal Bakery Australia is also actively pursuing opportunities interstate and internationally.

Universal Bakery Australia service focuses on our customers having the right product for the exact application that is need which helps eliminate costly downtime sourcing a variety products and ensures reliable and responsive customer service.

Universal Bakery Australia can provide complete end to end bread and associated product solutions to ensure our customers have product to meet future needs and reduce or eliminate the need to source elsewhere which can have a financial impact on their business or reputation. With limitation only set by the client’s imagination.